Lydia Teague

Wedding and Portrait Photographer

Cheerful, Charming, Cherished

A Little About Me

Who I Am

I like my days full of sunshine and warmth as I sit on my back porch sipping fresh lemonade or a little red wine sangria. Summertime is my favorite season because I don’t enjoy being cold.  I’m from Texas where there’s only 2 seasons and it’s summer 8-9 months of the year.
Sometimes my mouth works faster than my brain and I stumble into more puns than I mean to and then shamelessly laugh at myself until I’m crying.  My high school Sweetheart of 17 years doesn’t seem to mind. He joins right in laughing.

What I do


Well I take pictures, of course, but I view it as much deeper than that.  The training and experience that I’ve had over the past 6 years and beyond has taught me to never take anything for granted.  Whether I’m shooting a couple bringing new life into the world, sending one off to college, or giving them away at their wedding I absolutely love it.  Moments in time should be remembered for always.  My approach to photography sessions is very fluid.  Meaning that if you are having fun and experiencing a sweet moment, I step back and shoot through it.  If you’re not sure what to do, then I’ll prompt you into interacting with one another and get your reactions.  I love to meet people that truly want to remember this moment in their lives.  I consider it an honor, because I know how important it is to them.

Cheerful, Charming, Cherished.


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