Save the Date Cards

You’ve been dating for awhile and lately you’ve been wondering, “When is he going to pop the question?”  And then one day when you’re at your favorite Thai restaurant…on a completely random date night…he gets down on one knee and…he’s only tying his shoes!


He tells you how much you mean to him and says those words…” Will you marry me?”  You scream, and cry, and kiss him! You are on cloud nine and can’t wait to tell your friends and family!

Then you have to pick a venue, find a date, start booking your vendors!  You’re completely overwhelmed with all that has to get done.  But this is what you’ve been waiting for.  Well guess what?  I can help!

I’m here to help turn your Amazing Engagement Photos into your Save the Date Cards.  We can work together to customize your cards with all kinds of fun information for your guests.  The purpose of Save the Date cards is to spread the word that you’ll be getting married and for your guests to put it on their calendar.

It’s the event of the year!

Ordering Save the Dates through me is super easy!
  1. Share your FAVORITE Engagement Photo from your Online Gallery.

  2. Give me the DETAILS, like your Date, City, and any other important detail.

  3. Let me design your card and customize it for you!

  4. You tell me when it’s perfect!

  5. They arrive on your doorstep, ready to be sent!

(Below is the front of the card.)

Lydia@LydiaTeague.com www.lydiateague.com


The back side of the card gives you plenty of room to tell your guests all the details.

Where they should stay if they’re coming from out of town.

Your Wedding Website link that has specific details and your story.

Tell the Story of how you got engaged.

Or just something fun like all your favorite places to eat near your venue.


Contact me today to get your Engagement Session booked!