Styled Children’s Session | Curly Haired Good Witch | Purcellville, Virginia

Many of you know that I have 3 kids and they keep me pretty busy.  They are also my muses and the first ones I go to when I have a crazy idea.  Poor things!  LOL!

So Halloween is no exception.  I had this idea to setup a little witch’s cauldron scene in the backyard and let my youngest pretend with her costume on.  After everything was setup she decided that she knew better and stopped listening to her ‘director’.  So with most things, I just rolled with it.  She pretended to read “spells” from her book and stir her cauldron.  I was reduced to documenting her playtime and I was perfectly ok with it. She believed in what she was doing which made her much more believable as this little red haired witch.

Sometimes letting go and just stepping back is when all the magic happens.