Airlie Resort | Engagement

I met Sarah and Jeremiah through my Husband’s Co-Worker.  Glynis was so kind to share my information with her friends and it turns out we hit it off.

After a few phone call meetings we decided to take advantage of the time they would be staying at Airlie Resort. We found a time that worked and weather cooperated. It happened to be around the holidays so the twinkle lights were still up and it looked so pretty.

My then 11-year-old son, Simon, came with me on this session to carry my bags and lighting.  He and Jeremiah had a fun little rapport and they were so kind to allow him to be with us.  We walked from location to location and found so many little spots that were just perfect for Engagement Photos.

The photo below is one of my All-Time Favorites!  It’s so peaceful and yet so powerful.  It just makes me think of them growing old together and after spending 50 years together, coming back to this spot.  Rocking chairs and holding hands.

Their October Wedding was the perfect fairytale wedding to match this epic Engagement Portrait. Go check it out!  It was at The Birkby House in Leesburg, VA.