Navy and Blush Pink Garden Wedding | The Carriage House at Gramercy Mansion | Baltimore, MD

This Baltimore Couple started off their day at the Kimpton Hotel Monaco at Baltimore Inner Harbor on a beautiful September day.  This hotel is like taking a step back in time, it’s inside the B&O Railroad headquarters.  The entry way was grand with 2 flights of marble stairs on both sides flanking the elevators and topped off with a crystal chandelier.  This hotel was a destination to photograph in and of itself.

Angela and Mario were getting ready on 2 separate floors so I depended on her Maid of Honor and his Best Man to help me coordinate their getting ready shots.   They were awesome attendants and were clearly supportive of couple.

I watched, listened, and shot from different angles. The rings, details, and those shoes!  Her something blue. Angela had her hair and makeup done at the Hotel, but wasn’t getting her dress on until we reached the The Carriage House at Gramercy Mansion.

I was surprised that Mario had his barber come out and get him fixed up with a haircut and a shave right there.  His Barber was super quick so I’m glad we had coordinated things ahead of time. He was a natural in front of the camera as I told him to think about Angela and what her dress will look like.

Shortly after we arrived at The Carriage House, Angela put her dress on with the help of her Mom and Bridesmaids.  When she was ready, I found an area for their First Look.  Both of them were understandably nervous, but those nerves subsided as soon as they saw each other.  She was stunning and he knew it!

Angela was escorted by her brother and he was simply beaming with pride.  They walked arm in arm as their guests eagerly waited to see her.  During the Ceremony, I stood by a sweet lady that helped with the translation to English.  I took 4 years in high school, but that’s been a minute and I didn’t want to miss their kiss.  I found myself smiling and understanding the gist of the jokes and the reverence of the prayers.

Love translates no matter the language. -Lydia

When the time was right, I was ready and didn’t miss a thing! Angela could barely contain her excitement so Mario gently pulled her back for a second kiss.  As they began the recessional, everyone began blowing bubbles to celebrate.  They slowly walked out and then all the hugs and congratulations began.

The Reception continued until dark when the twinkly lights took over and gave a warm glow.  After dinner and the toasts, the guests made their way into the photobooth and had some memories made.  The Maid of Honor came up with questions for Angela and Mario to answer by holding one of their shoes up or the other’s.  Lots of funny questions, some serious, and some very enlightening.  Their guests were rolling with laughter.