Old Town Alexandria | Springtime Engagement Session | Wedding Photography

Jerry & Jocelyn’s Springtime Engagement Session

Springtime is here and it has brought some rainy days.  I love that the rain brings out beautiful flowers and trees after a cold winter here in Virginia.  But, cold and rainy days usually don’t make for beautiful backgrounds for an engagement session.  So, what do you do when the weather isn’t cooperating? Just embrace it!

Challenge #1 Cold and Rainy Day

Just don’t shoot on a cold and rainy day, right?  Simple solution. DONE.

However, today was the only day that Jerry & Jocelyn were available for an Engagement Session.  Due to living in separate states and this was the weekend that Jocelyn was in town.  Ok, no problem.

After watching the weather like I was studying for my Precipitation Final, I realized that it was highly likely that rain was going to crash our scheduled Engagement Session.  I had a mini panic attack and then decided to just figure out how to make it work.  I thought, maybe I could find a beautiful hotel and we could do the shoot indoors.  My google search didn’t yield anything that seemed appealing, so the next best thing came to me.  Let’s find a place that we could easily duck inside if the rain became too much.

I also brought a clear umbrella so if it was misty or drizzling we could still get some shots. It was clear so the natural lighting wasn’t affected.

Challenge #2 Unseen Location

Old Town Alexandria – I had heard my hubby talk about how pretty and unique Old Town Alexandria was after he visited. Somehow we just hadn’t visited it yet.  So once again Google came to the rescue a bit.  I searched for images of Old Town and mapped out a few places to visit.  I am a planner.  I need to have contingency plans for my contingency plans.  So shooting at a place I’ve never been was making my head spin.  So, how did I make it work?

#1 Look at which way the light is making shadows.

Even on this overcast day the light is still stronger on one side.  Looking for overhangs around doors or shaded evenly lit areas will cut the light if it’s too bright.

#2 Look for interesting backgrounds within good light.

Textured backgrounds, like brick or water can make for interesting imagery.  Consider throwing the background completely out of focus if you don’t see anything worth including.  When the background is full of lights and color this can make the bokeh look amazing.

#3 Control the angle.

If what is around you isn’t interesting, then control what is being shown through the angle and lens used.  Don’t shoot a wide shot of the couple and include a whole crowd of people that aren’t relevant to the story.  Only show what’s important, in this case, my couple.

Thank you to Jerry & Jocelyn for being such sports and just being a super sweet couple to work with! Jocelyn, I sure hope you’re enjoying all the Tex-Mex you can before making the move!  What’s that song? ” You don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone. ”  So true!

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