Photography 101 | Aperture

Aperture is often referred to as an F-stop and written as f2.8.   The smaller the number the more light is being allowed onto you the sensor; the larger the number the less light enters.  This also affects the depth of field in your images.  Higher aperture numbers will have a greater depth of field and more of your subject will be in focus.  Landscape Photographers will usually use a higher aperture because they want the flowers in the foreground and the mountains in the background in focus.

Notice how the image below has more in focus.  The F-stop is higher so more of the image from foreground to background is in focus.

  • f-stop
  • lower number means more light
  • higher number means less light
  • lower number means narrow depth of field
  • higher number means increased depth of field

We’re still discussing the basics of the Exposure Triangle.  So keep reading and learning about how these pieces fit together.