Middleburg Wedding | Goodstone Inn

Hannah and Thomas decided to have their wedding at the lovely Goodstone Inn, in Middleburg Virginia.  The estate dates back a few hundred years and covers 265 acres.  The Bride and her attendants prepared in the Manor House and the Groom and his gentlemen were in the Carriage House.  Each needed a car to get from one area of the estate to the other.

Kelly of Kelly Ewell Photography invited me to shoot with her and I was thrilled to shoot this couple and location.

The Goodstone Inn has a large stone wall that is just covered with ivy, which was the backdrop for the Ceremony.  A classical guitar played as the bridesmaids, dressed in navy blue, walked down the aisle.  As the married couple walked back down the aisle the guests threw dried lavender over them and it smelled so lovely in the warm summer air.

Following the ceremony the Bridal Party cooled off inside the dining room portion of the Goodstone Inn.  Lots of dark woods, a quaint bar, and beautiful windows held views into a lovely landscaped area beyond.  The Groom was so generous and concerned that Kelly and I had some water and cooled down before we continued working.  Truly kind.

Formals were shot and then a BBQ dinner was served under a white tent with twinkle lights where the guests watched the sun set. The music played and the dance floor was full most of the evening as their family and friends joined in to celebrate as Hannah and Thomas were joined in marriage.

Congratulations on the rest of your lives!

Do you have a wedding that you’re planning for?