Virginia Photographer | Disney World 2016 | Our First Trip

In Fall of 2015 we decided that it was time for us to take a family vacation to Disney World.  My husband and I had been to Disneyland during spring break in our teens and had so much fun. We had been waiting for our youngest to be old enough to remember it and have fun riding a few rides.  So she was going to turn 3 years old in May of 2016.  It turned out that May was the perfect time to go, both weather and crowd levels would be mild-ish.

I had heard amazing things about Disney planners and was completely overwhelmed with planning a Disney vacation.  There was way too much new lingo to digest.  Do I get the meal package? Where do we stay? How do these Fast Pass things work? I found Dani Garcia with Glass Slipper Concierge

Not only did she give me practical advise about where to stay and when to go, but she also just asked me some questions about what my kids were in to and what was the most important thing about our visit.  Bibbidi-boppidi-boop and VOILA she had our itinerary with all our reservations ready to go.  She woke up super early 6 months out and was able to get us the best reservations for some hard to get events and meet and greets.  I truly couldn’t have done a better job and I will definitely use her services again!

We were able to keep the trip a secret until about 2 weeks before when my daughter came home and proudly announced that she was going to have a key role in her first music program at school.  It happened to be on the same day as we were leaving and I had to gently break it to her that she wouldn’t be able to go.  After some tears, she began to get excited, but still had no idea what to expect.  We watched lots of youtube videos in order to prepare them.


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