Personal Favorites | First Half of 2016 | Children’s Photographer

I have a personal project for my family every year, I take Portrait and Documentary style pictures to create a Yearbook for my Family.  I’ve done this every year since 2012 and my kids and husband enjoy going through them and reminiscing about what we did and how much we’ve all changed.

It’s always so hard to pick my favorites and by this time in the year I have 400 photos in my ‘KEEPERS’ folder!  I know it’s excessive!  But it really takes me all year to be subjective about which  pics are truly my favorite and the most meaningful from that year.  By year’s end I’ll actually only choose about 100-150 photos to represent that year so it truly becomes my highlights for the year.

Here are a few of my Personal Favorites that are contenders for the 2016 Family Yearbook this year.  They are my heart!

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