4 Wedding Day Timelines | Ceremony, Cocktail, Reception and First Looks

Wedding Day Timelines

Now it may have been awhile since I was a Bride…almost 16 years now, but the discussion of where everyone needs to be and when on the wedding day is still the biggest topic.  It can be hard to make sure everything you want to do fits into a schedule that’s realistic and enjoyable.

A few things to consider
  • Will you be doing a First Look or a Traditional First Look.
  • Do you want sunset portraits?
  • Will you have 1 location or 2?
  • Do you want to attend all or some of your cocktail hour?
  • Larger Bridal Parties and Families will need extra time for their portraits.
  • Do you have a coordinator? Having one is helpful to keep the timeline running smoothly.

So I’ve put together some sample timelines to get a few ideas of where photos would fit into your Wedding Day whether you are having 1 or 2 locations and whether you will want a First Look or Traditional First Look.

My base package include an 8 hour day of shooting.  Some of the following timelines are 9 hour days. Additional coverage is available and timelines are entirely customizable to your needs.  These are just examples to give you some general guidelines.


As you are working out your timeline, it’s always a good idea to factor in a little more time than you think you’ll need.  The photos that are taken on your wedding day will last you a lifetime. So there’s no need to rush the day.  Take your time getting ready and be present in the moment.  My job is to document your experience.  Great photos will take time, the more time I have the more creative and fun we can make the photos.

Feel free to reach out and allow me to help you as you are making your timeline.