Loudoun County Wedding | Top 10 Tips

Top 10 Tips for Planning a Loudoun County Wedding

Loudoun County in Virginia is rich in historical significance dating back to pre-Revolutionary war times.  This county was part of a 5 million acre parcel of land that was  granted to seven nobleman by King Charles the II of England in 1649.

This large area was later split into the following counties of Westmoreland, Stafford, and Prince William over the course of 77 years. (1653-1730 )and later in 1742 Fairfax county was formed. But it wasn’t until 1757 that Loudoun County was established. This area was officially named for John Campbell, the 4th Earl of Loudoun, a Scottish Nobleman who served as titular Governer of Virginia from 1756-1778

The culture of the county’s historical buildings was influenced by the Quakers, Irish, and Scots-Irish. As well as being the battlefields to important skirmishes during the Civil War.  Although Loudoun County is largely agricultural, road improvements and an exploding job market in the DC metro area has allowed it grow immensely.

Amid all the hustle and bustle, you can still drive out and feel the stillness in the countryside and gaze at a zillion stars in the sky.


There are so many venues available in the countryside of Northern Virginia; where do you even begin?  Below are some questions to think about as you select your venue.

(1) Local Accommodations – How far will your guests need travel to the nearest Hotel? Some areas in Loudoun County are a bit remote and will require a 30 minute drive to the nearest hotel.

(2) # of Guests – How many people with the venue hold inside and out.  The number can vary based on the type of Reception.  Cocktails and hors d’oeuvres is a very different setup than a formal dinner.

(3) Ceremony/Reception – Are there locations on site for both? An outdoor ceremony can be in a field or just beside the vineyards, while the reception can be hosted in a rustic barn.

(4) Caterer – Do they have an in-house caterer or will you need to hire a caterer?LIST LOCAL CATERERS

(5) Sound System – Do they have an adequate sound system or will the DJ need to bring extra equipment.

(6) Alcohol – What is their policy? Does the winery give a discount if they are the venue?

(7) On-site Parking – Will it accommodate your guests or will you need to have a shuttle from the hotel? This is important in case it rains.  Cars parked in a field can get stuck versus in a gravel parking lot.

(8) Vendors – Can you use any coordinator, Photographer, Videographer, or Florist or is there an approved list? Being ‘on the list’ just means that the venue has worked with them before.  There are lots of vendors out there that are still amazing to work with.

(9) Pricing – What are the weekday vs weekend prices? What is included?

(10) Rainy Day Option – How will the venue accommodate last minute changes? Is there an indoor area for the Ceremony or Reception?

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