Loudoun County Virginia Wedding Photographer | Getting to Know Me

Let’s Have a Coffee Date

Let’s say we’ve set up a time to meet for coffee at a place around the corner from you.  We decide that 10am on a Saturday would be the best time.  I would likely leave 20 minutes before I needed to in order to account for any traffic that might happen on a Saturday.  Where are people going?  So likely no traffic.  I arrive 45 minutes early and scout out the best place to sit where the sun will not be in my eyes or your eyes as we chat. OOOOhhhh, that table just opened up!

So as I have saved the best table in the coffee shop for us and I’m sitting there waiting for our visit, I’m a little nervous.  I’m an Introverted Extrovert.  Yes, this is a thing.  It allows me to be social when I need to be, but I have to have quiet time to recharge.

So you walk in, I recognize you immediately because I’ve likely already perused your social media.  (That’s not stalking…:) )

We wait in line together and get our favorite drinks.  Depending on the time of year I’ll probably get a Mocha Frappucino.  Maybe you’ll get an Americana or a Latte and we’ll be chatting.

Here are a few things you’ll learn about me during our coffee date.

#1 I smile, ALOT!

#2 I’m funny, I make some great jokes and probably some really lame ones too.

#3 I ask lots of questions about what you want.

#4 I’m a problem solver, so I’ll offer suggestions of how we can still get it done the way you want.

#5 I talk way too much with my hands.  I get really excited when I talk about photography.


Here are a few things that I hope to learn about your during our coffee date.

#1 Your Story about how you met your fiance.

#2 What kind of wedding you are planning.  Formal and Traditional or Modern and Whimsical.

#3 If you have chosen your venue and set a date.

#4 Learn about what your dislikes are and what you absolutely love.

#5 Listen to what you’re struggling with as you plan and perhaps give you an outside view.

Hopefully we’ve connected over our date and you want to see me again.  Oh wait, I mean meet again, because we’re not really dating.  I’m a happily married woman!  And you will be one soon!


Shoot me an email and let’s meet and see if this happens!  Lydia@LydiaTeague.com