My Bucket List for 2016

Everyone is talking about setting goals for 2016 or what they’re giving up or rebooting their life to make healthier choices.  Which are you choosing this year?  The good ‘ole standbys:  Eating healthier, exercising more, perhaps spending more time with your family? I’m going to publish my list!  It’s nerve wracking to put it out there, but here I go.

  • Schedule my work time
  • Balance my family life and not schedule work
  • Shoot on weekends only
  • Gain more followers on Instagram, Facebook, and Blog
  • Create beautiful custom wall art for my clients
  • Shoot a few couples – maybe engagements
  • Shoot at a Vineyard
  • Shoot on a Farm
  • Shoot at Great Falls and print it.
  • Print more of my personal work.
  • Quality over quantity – provide each client the very best experience.
  • Shoot in the Tulip Field/Sunflower Field/ Lavender Field
  • Get creative with my Photoshop editing
  • 2nd shoot a local wedding
  • Do a styled shoot with local vendors.
  • Build relationships with other local photogs
  • Shoot a few seniors
  • Shoot a few tweens.

Ok, well now that I’ve spilled my guts and have thrown my goals out there.  Let me know if you want to help me accomplish these.   I’m going to have a limited schedule this year, but I would love to get you on my schedule!  Email me at