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January 2016
  • Photography 101 | Camera Basics

    Is shooting in Manual Mode really that big of a deal?  I mean, can’t one of the other Program modes do just as good of a job?  Why did you buy this expensive camera if you still have to do all the thinking? Well, did you suddenly start running marathons or did you finish your…

  • Loudoun County Wedding | Top 10 Tips

    Top 10 Tips for Planning a Loudoun County Wedding
    Loudoun County in Virginia is rich in historical significance dating back to pre-Revolutionary war times.  This county was part of a 5 million acre parcel of land that was  granted to seven nobleman by King Charles the II of England in 1649.

    This large area was later split…

  • My Bucket List for 2016

    Everyone is talking about setting goals for 2016 or what they’re giving up or rebooting their life to make healthier choices.  Which are you choosing this year?  The good ‘ole standbys:  Eating healthier, exercising more, perhaps spending more time with your family? I’m going to publish my list!  It’s nerve wracking to put it out…