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  • Beetlejuice, a Zombie, a Woodland Elf, and a T-Rex

    Happy Halloween
    Spooky and silly
    This is the year that I convinced my husband to wear a mask for Halloween!  I know, it doesn’t seem like a big deal, but it REALLY is!  Lee has always been pretty laid back and understated when it comes to Halloween costumes.  But for some reason he agreed to my outrageous…

  • Abby’s 8th Birthday Extravaganza

    Abby’s 8th Birthday
    Sometimes  you just need to throw a big silly party to celebrate your birthday!  We surprised Abby by decorating the dining room like crazy.  I’ll admit that I don’t think I’ve ever spent that much time in a Party City coordinating decorations.  But the fact that you could buy Sixlet candy in 5…

  • Texas Photog Returning Home | Thank you, Virginia!

    Moving to the Austin Suburbs

    If you’ve been following me for any length of time then you know that I’m from Texas.  We’re not known for our modesty when we talk about our state.   Why would you keep something like this a secret!? (wink, wink). Seriously though, when we moved to Northern Virginia from Dallas-Fort-Worth almost…

  • Flower Girls and Ring Bearers | Tips for Cooperation


    Every Wedding deserves the cutest Flower Girls and Ring Bearers.  Sometimes this creates additional stress for the Bridal Party.  I often see that a bridesmaid has been asked for her kids to be the Flower girl or Ring Bearer and this can create additional stress.  I’m going to highlight some things that I’ve seen work…

  • How to Vet your Wedding Photographer | My Answers

    My hubby and I will be celebrating 20 years of marriage this May! But I will tell you about the one thing I regret. Not vetting my wedding photographer better. Being college kids, we didn’t have a ton of money to spend and at the the time we didn’t place too high a value on…

  • 6 Questions: Engagement Session Location

    Besides wanting the location to be beautiful, interesting, or meaningful; there are some other things to think about.
    #1 Does the location require a Permit?
    Permits can be applied for by reaching out to the county or law enforcement associated with the location.  For example, Fairfax County charges an annual fee that permits photographers to use their…

  • The Wedding Experience Guide

    Exclusively for LT Brides
    AHHH!  This is such a big deal y’all!  I have been working behind the scenes on this Wedding Guide.  It’s full of all the things that I have learned about Wedding Days that make them run smoothly and memorably.  It’s true, I do take my job as your Wedding Photographer very seriously. …

  • 3 Tips for a Stress Free Wedding


    Everyone knows that planning a wedding can be stressful.  But why do some Wedding Days feel less stressed than others.  Well it’s not based on your personality or even the weather forecast.  I’m going to tell you, as an insider, what you can do in advance to keep everyone’s stress levels down on your wedding…

  • Bridal Details | My Approach

    Why are my Wedding Details an important part of the Wedding Day?
    Wedding Details can be anything that you are wearing on your Wedding Day or small items that only pertain to the Wedding itself.  Here’s a short list of some of the most photographed Wedding Details.
    Wedding Dress
    Veil/Hair Piece
    Rings (all three)
    Bouquet & Boutonniere
    Invitation Suite
    Borrowed & Blue