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As you begin your Wedding Planning you have realized that there are so many photographers out there.  How can you tell which one is right for you? No doubt, you’ve heard horror stories from family and friends about how their photographer didn’t do what they were contracted to do.  That’s every Bride’s nightmare, right?

Learn from me on this!

I hired someone to photograph my wedding back when film was the only way to shoot and digital photography was just in it’s infancy. Wait, don’t go anywhere!  This still applies to you!  Now that I’m a Wedding Photographer I know exactly what I should’ve asked so that I got exactly what I wanted on and after my Wedding Day.

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Once you know the questions to ask you’ll be prepared to interview as many photographers as you wish.  Feeling confident in who you hire to photograph the most important day of your life is priceless.  Don’t start your Wedding Photographer search without having these important questions on hand.

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Virginia Couple's Sunset Portraits at The Barn at Willow BrookAfter you read my, “10 Questions I Wish I Would’ve Asked My Own Wedding Photographer!” you will be armed with everything you need to have the Wedding Day of your dreams.  Some of the topics will touch on how to…

  • Stay on Time

  • Get all of the photos

  • Not look back in 10 years and wonder what the photographer was thinking

  • Avoid absolute disaster

  • Feel relaxed and in the moment with your Wedding Day Experience

Loudoun County Photographer behind the scenes during a First Look on a wedding dayAre you ready to have an industry insider cut through all the jargon and give you the right questions and answers to hire the right Wedding Photographer?  I’m here to offer you my expertise and avoid the mistakes that I made all those years ago.  Your Wedding Day is a once in a lifetime opportunity.  It’s not everyday that you throw such a meaningful party!  The photos just can’t be easily remade.

Loudoun County Wedding PhotographerYou don’t have to make the decision about who to hire without knowing what to ask.  Please know you’re not alone! I don’t want anyone to be taken advantage of by simply not being equipped.  When I hired my wedding photographer, I thought I had hired the right person.  Their photos looked great! What else do I want from a photographer?  Aren’t they just going to take photos? If that’s what you think too, then please read my list of questions to ask!

Engagement session in the Virginia Countryside amongst rolling hills of the blueridge mountains.10 QUESTIONS I WISH I WOULD’VE ASKED MY OWN WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER!

I didn’t even realize that I had hired the wrong person for the job until I received my photos.  And by that time it had been at least a month since my wedding.  But the first inkling that I had hired the wrong person was on my wedding day.  I was completely stressed out and now that I’m a wedding photographer I watch for these things and protect my couples from feeling this stress.  In my mind, there’s no reason for my couples to feel anything but complete joy on their wedding day.  They shouldn’t be worrying about whether their photographer is doing their job.

Bridal Party in Navy and Blush Pink. Summer Wedding in West VirginiaBut don’t photographers these days have a major advantage over film photographers? You might think so, but the questions that I have compiled apply just as much to today’s most savvy digital photographer.  There’s so much more to being a Wedding Photographer then just what medium they shoot on.  At the end of the day, the camera is just the tool that the photographer uses to do the job.  There’s so much more to being a Professional Wedding Photographer.  So how will you know how to spot the professional?  My list of 10 questions will equip you to spot the true professional out of the crowd.

Single Men anticipating catching the garter at a wedding in Haymarket, Virginia at The Piedmont Club.10 QUESTIONS THAT I WISH I WOULD’VE ASKED MY OWN WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER!

Please don’t make the same mistake I did! There are so many people that have picked up a camera in this digital age and think they can use your event to make money.  But this is nothing new.  This happened back in the film days too.  Engaged couples should be as informed as possible about what it takes to get the best images from your Wedding Photographer.  And I have just the right questions to ask any prospective wedding photographer so you can feel protected.  I can’t imagine hiring a Wedding Photographer now and not ask them these questions.  My years of experience have prepared me for what can go wrong on a wedding day.  I have learned from others mistakes as well.  There’s always a married couple that has a terrible story about the experience they had with their Wedding Photographer.  Read this list of questions so you will only have amazing things to say about yours!

Bride and Groom kissing in the rain under an umbrella atThe Rust Manor House in Leesburg, Virginia.


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