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Let's celebrate creating Life!

As a Neonatal ICU nurse, I had the privilege of working with Moms and encourage them to bond with their preemies at every turn. Capturing the love that a Mother has before she’s even set eyes on that little soul will be a Legacy shared for generations.


Harness their personality.

Kids just can’t help but give honest expressions. They don’t hold anything back. It doesn’t matter what age, they just want to experience everything that life has to offer. Curiosity is their driving force so I just let them be curious and explore what’s around them. Their personality will make itself known.
After my Mother passed away, I realized how important her picture was. Unfortunately, she didn’t like to have it taken. That is the #1 excuse I hear from people. Oh, I wish I had taken hers more often and was in them with her. I want to make sure that Moms and Dads have the chance to leave a portrait to their children. What I wouldn’t give to have her beautiful portrait staring back at me now.
— Lydia


These moments are fleeting.

Genuine Expressions come easily when you’re having fun. My sessions are about bringing out that side of you that’s usually reserved for home. I highly encourage tickle fights, group hugs, and Dad jokes!


Celebrate your accomplishment!

Senior Years are a time to reflect on all that you’ve accomplished. Whether you’re a Musician, Athlete, Brainiac, Cheerleader, or Dancer; You should be celebrated, after all this is the beginning of the rest of your life.

Newborn Fresh 48

Remember all the little things.

Suddenly the expected arrival is here! Everything has changed and you want to remember every second of it! The first time the siblings meet, the first snuggles, and all the feels. Take that special time to bond as a family and allow me to capture those moments for you to cherish always.