Little League Baseball Pictures | Lydia Teague Photography

Little League Baseball Pictures | Lydia Teague Photography

So this Spring was my son's first season of Little League Baseball!  I was so excited to teach him what I remembered and to see him enjoy the game too.  We had a very rainy Spring time and so many games were cancelled but more importantly so many practices had to be skipped due to the rescheduled games.  He really got most of his practice at the games.  

Picture Day came around and crazily enough it was scheduled after a game.  These poor boys were covered in dirt and mud and really looked like ball players by the time the photos were taken.  Now I have a bone to pick with the big companies that get these contracts to do sports teams photos and kids school photos.  

  1.  Please tell a joke to make my child laugh instead of telling him to 'smile'. 
  2. Please get the correct focus.
  3. Don't put a silly digital background in just because you now have Photoshop.
  4. Take your time to get it right.

I have boycotted school pictures for years because they always have the silliest expressions or are just not executed very well.  And you want me to pay for these 'sight unseen'?  You're kidding right?  Well now I'm going to have to start boycotting sports pictures.  

I laughed a little when I got his Basketball photos back and they had superimposed him in the corner of the gym.  It looked like he was floating in the ceiling.  The company that came in looked impressive with their 12ft light stands and studio strobes.  Boy, did those group shots come out super flashy looking.  Not everyone's eyes were open and I know that's hard to get.  But if you're going to spend time in photoshop anywhere, why don't you do some head swaps instead of dropping in a digital background?

With these past baseball photos, they didn't even let the parents in the gym where the photos were being taken.  So I couldn't see their setup, but once again it was money upfront before you see the product.

I decided to do some fun shots of my son for myself to remember his first season.  Here are a few that we threw together in the backyard.  I could only convince him to get his hat and bat on for these, so at a later date I'll put him in full uniform.

I am so much happier with this style of picture.  Now if I can just get the whole uniform back on him and find an empty baseball field.

If you are like me and are disappointed with your sports photos, shoot me an email.


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