Motivate to Create Series: Discover your Creativity: Week 2

Creativity is something that needs to be cultivated. It's important to take time to just listen to your own thoughts.  I know this because I am a Mom and don't always get this luxury!  So for all the Moms out there that want to be creative but you have young ones that surround you all day, stay tuned!

My Top Tips for Cultivating Creativity with Young Children at Home

1) Change your environment

Load up the stroller and head to the Mall or just around your neighborhood.  The exercise will not only do you good, the new environment will stimulate you mind.  Notice patterns and find the beauty in the world around you.  Your little one will be contained and might even fall asleep giving you more quiet time to think.

2) Daydream

Nighttime dreaming means that you're getting REM sleep, which is the most rejuvenating.  Daydreaming can be the same way.  Thinking about what could be and what you want to create sets a goal for you to follow.  Letting your mind wander into this state allows the world around to fade away.  I find it easiest to daydream while doing dishes, laundry, and vacuuming the house.

3) Turn on your favorite music

Surrounding yourself with familiar music and singing along is entertaining but can also destress you.  Anytime stress is relieved it leaves more opportunity for creativity to sneak in.  Get a bluetooth speaker and spin up Pandora or Spotify and let all the frustrations get danced out.

4) Break out the crayons

Coloring has gotten a lot of attention lately as another great stress reliever.  It gets you into that same consciousness as Daydreaming.  The simplicity of trying to stay in the lines is cathartic and there's nothing like the smell of a new box of crayons.  I try to color with my kids, but sometimes I just want to stay in the lines and they don't.  So I have my own adult coloring book that's more detailed.  Free drawing is great too if you have that talent. 

5) Find a new podcast or audio book

I have several podcasts that I listen to that are Photography related.  Sometimes I need to break out and listen to something else though that's completely unrelated to photography.  It sounds counterintuitive, but it uses a different part of your brain and expands your point of view.  I like the history ones or the TED talks.  Audio books would be another good option. I know that I don't get much time during the day to just sit down with the books that I want to read.  So I set that same speaker up and catch a few pages here and there.

6) Calgon take me away

Take a hot bubble bath after all the little distractions have fallen asleep.  Reward yourself with this quiet time to reflect on the day.  Keep a notebook handy to write down any 'a-ha' moments you have while soaking away the day.

Using these easy techniques will allow you to feel more creative throughout the day and you can actually devote time to your creative hobby while still being the Mom you want to be.


Loudoun County | Maternity Shoot & Share Finalist | Lydia Teague Photography

Loudoun County | Maternity Shoot & Share Finalist | Lydia Teague Photography

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